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Ship design and construction stages

 Ship design and construction stages

Ship building decision

When a person who owns a commercial activity decides, for example, to build a ship to be used in his commercial activity, the first thing that comes to his mind is to carry the largest amount of goods and thus achieve the largest possible profit, but how is this done?? It is done by the owner of the commercial activity or the ship owner going to the ship design office, and during the meeting of the ship owner with the marine engineer or ship designer, the designer will ask from the owner basic information on which the ship designer will start working on it and meet the owner’s desire to design his ship.

What information is required by the marine engineer, "the ship designer", from the owner?

ship design

To answer the previous question, the designer will ask the owner four main information:

 1. The weight or total tonnage of the goods that he wishes to carry on board the ship to make the initial calculations for the ship such as the main dimensions “length, width, draft and depth” and the design of the ship’s outer shape or hull “the ship’s hull” and finally determining the total weight of the ship from the weight of the steel from which the hull and engines are made Payment systems.....etc.

2. The course of the ship, which is the path that the ship will take from a certain port to another port or several ports. The goal of knowing the ship’s path is to do the structural analysis and choose the appropriate type of steel ship with the lowest costs to bear the stresses on the ship’s outer hull while the ship is in the seas or oceans. Also analyze the effect of waves, winds and water currents on the ship's hull.

3. The speed of the ship and accordingly the capacity of the machines or diesel engines that will operate the ship is determined by means of the propulsion systems “propellers”.

 4. The international supervisory body that the owner would like to deal with, which will supervise the design and construction operations of the ship within the shipyard. It issues ship validity certificates and also supervises the technical condition of the ship during its service. The supervisory board has rules and laws that the designer and the implementing arsenal must follow during the design and construction process Several supervisory boards, all of which follow the International Association of Supervisory Bodies, and the ship owner must choose only one of them to deal with, and each body has its own rules and laws, but these rules do not differ much from each body from the other.